Hello, there! What are you up to? I hope you’re doing well. Today I’ve got an essential topic for you and, at the same time, it’s easy. We start!

If you want to connect two sentences, you can use “y” as a linker. It’s perfect! However, you can not use always “y”, how come? Because you sometimes use “e” according to the word which follows this liker. “E” and “y” have the same function, but “e” is used when the next word starts with “i” or “hi”. For example,

He ido al parque e iré a la piscina más tarde.

I’ve gone to the park and I’ll go to the swimming pool later.

If we write:

*He ido al parque y iré a la piscina más tarde, we will be making a mistake. Then, if the word starts with ia, ie or io (diptongs), you must use “y” instead of “e”. for example:

Fuego y hielo.

Fire and ice

Pero no *fuego e hielo.

Have you understood that? Remember, if you have doubts, you can write an email to belenriescospain@gmail.com . If you have liked this post, you can share it with your contacts! Many thanks!

Have a nice day!

Letras en español – Belén Riesco©

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