Hello, there! How are you doing? I hope you’re great! Today we can do a check about your Spanish knowledge, what do you think about?

1.Do you think that it’s correct the following sentence? Los bolígrafos y las pinturas son necesarias para el colegio.

-Es correcta

-Es incorrecta

2. Querría visitar el sur de Argentina. What verbal tense is querría?

-Conditional tense

-Present tense

-Future tense

3. No me gusta nada ir de compras. Is it correct?

-Yes, it’s gramatically correct.

-No, it’s incorrect because Spanish doesn’t let double negation.

4. Le gustan mucho dibujar y pintar. Is it correct?

-Yes, because there are two verbs in the subject and the verb must be in3 person plural (gustan).

-No, because the verb must bein 3rd person singular (gusta)

-Yes, it’s correct because if you have more than one element in the subject, the verb must be in plural.

5. Tu prima parece muy simpática. What type of word is simpática?

-A noun

-An adjective

-A pronoun

6. Vamos pasear juntos el sábado por la mañana. Is it correct?

-No, because we must include the preposition de.

-No, because we must include the preposition a.

Yes, because the preposition can be included or not. It’s up to you.

7. Spanish has some words which are similar, for example, ola y hola. Can you remember how we call these pair of words?




8. Me llamo Iris y estoy ingeniera de telecomunicaciones (telecom engineer). Is it correct?

-Yes, because we use the verb estar to talk about our jobs.

-Yes, because we don’t write a preposition before our job.

-No, because we must use the verb ser.

9. La gente son muy agradables en esta ciudad. Is it correct?

-Yes, because la gente can be used as a plural or a singular subject.

-No, because we must use the verb estar.

-No, because the verb must be in singular.

10. I come from the cinema is translated into Spanish as:

-Yo voy al cine.

-Yo vengo del cine.

-Vine del cine.

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