How can I do a writing task?

When we need to do a writing task, I’m sure that many times you have experienced the sensation of being blocked in front of a piece of paper or in front of a Word document. Not all cases are like that. Sometimes you feel creative and you’re willing to write, however, your draft is not … Sigue leyendo How can I do a writing task?

Why is grammar important?

Today I will remind you why grammar is important. Yesterday a student asked me if it’s correct to say Me llama Lucía y Me llamo Pedro. Then I asked him: -"why do you change the ending in Lucía?" This student replied: -"because it’s a girl and Pedro is a boy". Then I quickly understood that … Sigue leyendo Why is grammar important?


Seguro que habéis escuchado en más de una ocasión la palabra diptongo. Pero ¿sabéis a qué se refiere? ¡Seguid leyendo! Un diptongo es una secuencia de dos vocales que pertenecen a la misma sílaba y, por tanto, se pronuncian también dentro de la misma sílaba. Entonces: También (also) tiene dos sílabas y un diptongo en … Sigue leyendo Diptongos

Spanish prepositions test! (IV)

Hi, there! How are you doing? I hope you’re ready for this Spanish quiz about prepositions. Do you get on well with them? Let’s see! Good luck! Level of this quiz: GCSE Follow the link and you will be able to complete the quiz 😊 . How has the test been? Share the … Sigue leyendo Spanish prepositions test! (IV)