Hello! How are you doing? I hope you are great! Today we are going to talk about comparisons in Spanish. It is going to be easy, I promise. Let’s start.

You can describe a noun with an adjective, for example:

Esta ciudad es bonita. (This city is beautiful).

However, what happens if you want to compare two cities and one of them is more beautiful (in your opinion)? You would say:

Esta ciudad es más bonita que aquella ciudad. (This city is more beautiful than that city).

Other example:

Esta mochila es más barata que la otra. (This bag is cheaper than that bag).

As you have seen, when you want to create a comparison in English, sometimes you use “more + adjective + than” and sometimes “adjective+-er + than” (cheaper). You translate both cases as: “más + adjective + que” in Spanish.

Also, you can do the comparison in other terms:

Aquella ciudad es menos bonita que esta ciudad. (That city is less beautiful than this city).

In this case, the construction in Spanish is: “Menos + adjective + que

Finally, if you want to do a comparison in the same grade, you use in English:

“My sister is as happy as you”, which is translated in Spanish as: “Mi hermana es tan feliz como tú”, I mean: “tan + adjective + que”.

Soon we will talk about superlatives in Spanish. I hope this post helps! Let me know if you have any doubts.

Have a great day and I see you soon!

Letras en Español – Ms. Riesco©

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