Let’s start with two questions:

I’ve asked you about your family.

Can I ask you for a tapa and a water bottle?

Have I used the same verb? Yes! This verb is “to ask”. However, we’ve got a little problem in the Spanish language because “to ask” can be translated as “preguntar” or as “pedir”. Then, let’s learn the differences!


You use this verb when you want to request some information. For example:

Te ha preguntado si vives en Córdoba.

(He has asked you if you live in Córdoba).

Por favor, ¿puedes preguntar si hay un descuento con el carné de estudiante?

(Please, can you ask if there is a discount with the student ID card?)


You use this verb when you want to ask for something, for example, an item.

¿Puedes pedir la cuenta, por favor?

(Can you ask for the bill, please?)

Vamos a pedir otra ronda de vinos.

(We are going to ask for another round of wine).

¿Podría pedirte un favor?

(Could I ask you for a favour?)

Are these verbs clearer for you now? I hope so! Let me know if you have any doubts. Also, as always, share if you have found this post helpful and don’t forget to check any updates in this blog! You will find something new weekly!

Take care and see you soon! Cheers!

Letras en Español – B. Riesco ©

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