Hello, my friends! I hope you are great and ready to learn more about double negatives in Spanish. Of course, if your native language is English or if you know English, you already know that double negative sentences are not okay. However, is that possible in the Spanish language?

The answer is yes, of course. What do I mean with double negative? Check the following sentence:

I won’t buy nothing.

Do you think it’s grammatically correct? No! Because you have to say:

I won’t buy anything.

Also, you can’t say:

I won’t eat nothing else.

You have to say:

I won’t eat anything else.

The reason is that double negatives are not permitted in English. Won’t means will not and you have here one negative particle. And nothing is a negative word too. However, you can say that in Spanish:

I won’t buy anything.

No compraré nada.

Nada means nothing. So here we go! Two negative particles: no and nada.

I won’t buy anything else.

No compraré nada más.

Again, anything else is translated as nada más.

This is a typical mistake that English native speakers tend to make. Make sure you check that from now!

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See you in the next post! Cheers!

Letras en Español – B. Riesco ©

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