Could you explain the differences between these two verbs? Do you find tricky to use them? Don’t worry! Today we are going to explain that.

Saber and conocer are translated as “to know”. However, they can’t be use interchangeably. Why?


You use this verb when you want to express knowledge or when you mean that you know some information. Also, you use this verb when you want to indicate that someone knows how to do something or has the skills to do something For example:

dónde trabaja Elisa.

(I know where Elisa works)

Tu hijo tiene cuatro años  y ya sabe leer.

(Your son is 4 years old and he already knows how to read)

Finally, don’t forget that saber is an irregular verb!


You use this verb when you want to say that you know someone or you know a place or an object.

Conozco a tu primo.

(I know your cousin. And you mean that you know who is your cousin).

Conoces el Barrio de las Letras en Madrid.

(You know “Las Letras Neighbourhood” in Madrid).

Finally, do you think that conocer is a regular or an irregular verb? Exactly! It’s irregular too. Apologies, dear learners!

The lesson has finished here. I hope you understand better these two verbs and you use them properly from now! Don’t forget to share this post if you like it and, if you can, I really appreciate the likes! Thanks in advance!

I hope to see you in the next post!

Letras en Español – B. Riesco ©

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