I must confess I’m not into beer world at all. It’s not my thing. I hardly ever drink any alcohol drinks and, if I do that, it’s a really good Spanish wine (from time to time I can try a glass of wine from other countries). Then, one day I listened to this two words “craft beer” and I started to do my own “investigations”, of course.

I know a little bit about craft beers, but I was thinking that it’s not possible that only craft beers were famous in the UK and something similar should exist in Spain. Then, I found out that craft beer is translated as “cerveza artesanal” (such as homemade beer). Amigos, yes, they exist in Spain as well. The difference between this and “normal beer”, let’s say, is that cerveza artesanal hasn’t got any artificial additives or preservatives.

Also, I’ve discovered that there are different cervezas artesanales depending on the autonomous region where we are. I am going to mention some of them and apologies in advance if I forget some of them!


Granada: Mammooth Hecate, Mammooth Granada Fósil, Mammooth Weinrich, Mammooth Pale Ale

Córdoba: Alma turdetana, Califa IPA, CalifaTrigoLimpio, Califa Morena, CalifaRubia.

I don’t know you, but I am more convinved by the name of the Córdoba’s beers than Granada ones! Their names are much more Spanish, right?

Málaga: 3 Monos Vito Hopleone, 3 Monos Dirty Harry, 3 Monos Monkey Business, 3 Monos Golden Ape, Hoppy

Sevilla: Guadalquibeer Cádiz, GuadalquibeerMazagonera, GUadalquibeer Córdoba, Guadalquibeer Sevilla, Cartujana APA


Burgos: Mica Raíz, Cerveza San Gabriel, Mica Cuarzo, Mica Oro, UnaRubia, Virtus Trigo, Virtus Roja, Virtus IPA, Virtus Pilsen

Soria: Corazón de Enebro, Negra Miel, Uxama Oro

Zamora: Mesopotamia Imperial StoutZ, Mesopotamia Pale Ale, Z-Abadía, Z-Rubia


Madriz Chueca, La Virgen IPA, Black Geisha, Shizun, Madriz Chamberí, Enigma Premium Ale, Enigma Origen, La Virgen Veraniega, La Quince HOP FICTION, Cibeles Stout, Archi Pilsen Bohemia Premium

And I could continue, but as far as I know, my dear friends, this is a blog about Spanish language, literature, culture…and it’s enough for today, right? If you want to see more cervezas artesanales, you can follow the next link:

> soloartesanas.es/cervezas-de/espana/madrid/

I hope to see you here soon! Enjoy the day and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family! Also, if you want to leave your comment below, you can! Or you can also send an email to holabriesco@outlook.com .

Take care!
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