Spanish prepositions test! (IV)

Hi, there! How are you doing? I hope you’re ready for this Spanish quiz about prepositions. Do you get on well with them? Let’s see! Good luck! Level of this quiz: GCSE Follow the link and you will be able to complete the quiz 😊 . How has the test been? Share the … Sigue leyendo Spanish prepositions test! (IV)

Test time III

Hello, there! How are you doing? I hope you’re great! Today we can do a check about your Spanish knowledge, what do you think about? 1.Do you think that it’s correct the following sentence? Los bolígrafos y las pinturas son necesarias para el colegio. -Es correcta -Es incorrecta 2. Querría visitar el sur de Argentina. … Sigue leyendo Test time III

Direct object pronouns (la, las, lo, los)

First of all, what are the direct object pronouns? They are pronouns, then they replace a noun. We use them, essentially to avoid repetitions. For example, Voy a comprar un abrigo y voy a usar el abrigo durante el invierno. (I’m going to buy a coat and I’m going to wear the coat during the … Sigue leyendo Direct object pronouns (la, las, lo, los)

Para (Spanish preposition)

Today we will talk about the word para. Para is a preposition and we use it in concrete cases. When you say in English: “I am going to the supermarket to buy food for this week”, you’re using prepositions, exactly “to” and “for”. However, we are going to talk about “to” before “buy food for … Sigue leyendo Para (Spanish preposition)

Test time! (II)

Hello, there! How are you doing? Today I’ve got prepared a quiz for you. If you want to review your knowledge about Spanish (from Year 8-9 if you're studying in England), this is your quiz. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the questions. You’ve got time to learn more and improve your level of … Sigue leyendo Test time! (II)

Prefixes II (in Spanish)

Have you read the last post about prefixes? This is a continuation. I’m happy with your progress and you know now what a prefix is. It’s time to discover what the most common prefixes are! I’ll write a table with some of the common prefixes in Spanish, their meaning and, finally, an example. If you … Sigue leyendo Prefixes II (in Spanish)

Reminder about ¿ and ¡

Hello! I hope you’re having a lovely day! I’m here today to remind you something which is crucial, however most of you forget sometimes and that’s not good. I’ll write it in capital letters, just in case it helps a little bit more. PUNCTUATION MARKS IN QUESTIONS AND EXCLAMATIVE SENTENCES MATTER! Yes, I know that … Sigue leyendo Reminder about ¿ and ¡

Prefixes (in Spanish)

Hello! Today we are going to talk about something related to Spanish morphology, prefixes. Have you even heard about them? I’m sure that the answer is affirmative. We will work with easy prefixes and you will be able to understand them without problems. A prefix is a constituent of the word with is situated at … Sigue leyendo Prefixes (in Spanish)

Test time!

Hi, there! Do you remember what we talked about last week? Today I’m here with a test to prove if you have understood how you can identify the subject in simple sentences. Are you prepared? Go! 1.”Quiero ir al cine”. The subject is: a.Quiero b.Al cine c.Yo 2.”Me gusta la comida argentina”. The subject is: … Sigue leyendo Test time!

Subject and verb in simple sentences in Spanish

Hello, there! How are you doing? Today we’re going to talk about the subject and the verb in a simple sentences. Of course, if you are able to identify the subject and the verb in simple sentences, you’ll do the same in complex one. What is the subject? The subject performs the action. And what … Sigue leyendo Subject and verb in simple sentences in Spanish